L’Oréal Infallible vs L’Oréal Infallible Matte

L’Oréal Infallible vs L’Oréal Infallible Matte

Often brands make variations of different foundations to better suit a wider range of buyers, just like L’Oréal have in this case with the Infallible foundation.

Before I get into the review/comparison I’m just going to be clear with my skin type so you can decide if these foundations may be compatible for you. I have combination skin, more on the oily side. I can get super oily in my t-zone and dry patched on my cheeks.

I originally bought the regular Infallible foundation after hearing so many people. I was also more drawn to L’Oréal as a brand because its a well known fact they stock a range of cool and warm toned foundations which is the main problem I have with drugstore foundations.

I have a warm undertone, meaning I need more of a yellow foundation instead of a pink.

I picked the Infallible in the bottle up in 150 radiant beige and the Infallible Matte in the tube up in 22 radiant beige. One of the biggest difference I noticed between the two was although they both state they are radiant beige, the one in the tube is a fair bit lighter.
I understand they aren’t the same foundation though, so I wasn’t expecting them to be the same colour.


Infallible: This foundation is definitely medium coverage however it can be built up to a fuller coverage. Unlike other foundations from this brand (True Match, for example), it has a thicker consistency.
Infallible Matte: Just like the original Infallible, the matte version is also medium coverage that can be built up to full coverage. It is also a thicker consistency.


Infallible: I was pleasantly surprised the first time I wore this foundation when it lasted all day with little to no fading or wearing off. It definitely lives up to the 24hr name, although I’m sure it wouldn’t last a full 24hrs as nicely, it lasts for a full day at work.
Infallible Matte: I will admit I was a bit more impressed with the lasting power of the Infallible matte, it lasted a full day at work and still looked flawless and freshly applied when I returned home from work.

Oil Factor-

Infallible: I bought the regular Infallible expecting it not to work for my skin type at all but am happy to tell you that it survived my oily t-zone without wearing off too much and looking completely ratchet. Other, more expensive foundations specifically targeted towards oily skin make my t-zone more of an oily mess than this baby.
Infallible Matte: Although the formula is specifically matte, I don’t find that this one prevents my skin being any oilier than the regular foundation. Which disappointed me a little bit, since my skin gets just as oily during the day while wearing this one as it does the regular Infallible.


Infallible: Although it does not claim to be a matte finish foundation, on my skin before I have even set my foundation I find it has a somewhat matte finish. Based on finish, I’d have to say I much prefer this foundation. It just leaves a much more glowing and healthy appearance than the matte, it just appears a lot more natural.
Infallible Matte: The finish of this foundation is probably my least favorite part of it. I feel like it really just clings to the bumps of my skin and accentuates them and gives a lot more of an obvious foundation finish. Which I’m not a fan of at all.

The one downfall both of these foundations have is the undertone, they are claimed to be more on the warm tone side but both end up oxidizing and appearing way too pink for my tone.

Overall, I do like and use both these foundations on a regular basis and would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a decent foundation on the more affordable side.

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